RadiExposure is an all-natural herbal formula that is gluten free, soy free and GMO free. It is easy to take and helps to protect and combat alpha, beta and gamma radiation - without side effects. 

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We offer a more comprehensive DNA Cellular Stress Test. For more information and/or to request a test kit, please visit clinic-solutions-houston.com.

Ingredients List

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Why should you and your family take RadiExposure? 

We have provided you with a lot of valuable information on our site. However, we urge you to do your own homework. When is enough, enough?  In this day and age, we are plagued with many different dynamics that affect our bodies. From nuclear disasters that happened years ago, for which we are still enduring the consequences, to current technology - cell phones, cell phone towers, satellites, desktop computers, laptops, iPads, etc. - that exists in our homes and offices, we are potentially being attacked by radiation everywhere we turn. It is important to protect your body from common sources of EMFs and geopathic stress. So yes, you could opt to be tested but regardless of the results, wouldn't you rather just safely protect your cells and minimize your threat to radiation exposure?


Yes, Airport Millimeter Wave Scanners Alter DNA

The Science of X-Ray and Millimeter Wave Technology



CDC Calls for Caution on Cell Phones, Then Gets Cold Feet

First Federal Agency to Acknowledge Risk Soon Backs Down

August 16, 2014



Global warming could 'unfreeze' waste buried in old Greenland military base

Radioactive waste may be unleashed from secret base

August 5, 2016



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The Truth About Radiation

Exposure and Cancer and How to Reverse the Effects!

Listen to the interview with Dr. Deborah Warner:



*Please allow 2 weeks for test results.

*Orders of 16 units or more will be shipped via FedEx. Shipping charges will be according to weight and zip code. Contact our office for more details.



We do not accept returns on any products once they leave our office as they may have been exposed to X-rays or anything else that may possibly desensitize our formula, and we cannot restock products.



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